Taiwan Pitch

Taiwan Pitch Influencers: Massively Popular Parkour Team STORROR Films in Taiwan Parkour Performances on Taipei City Streets and UFO Houses Team Loves Taiwan’s Convenience Stores

Taiwan’s new international nonfiction film fund Taiwan Pitch invited the popular parkour team STORROR, who boast millions of fans, to come to Taiwan to shoot a short film. STORROR were intrigued by the peculiar design of the mysterious abandoned UFO Houses in New Taipei’s Wanli District, and so on their first visit to Taiwan the team immediately settled on the houses as somewhere to do parkour and make a video in their own distinctive style. The finished film will be broadcast early next year on the international streaming platform TaiwanPlus. On their first time in Taiwan, STORROR also gave all kinds of Taiwanese food a try and revealed themselves to be big fans of the country’s convenience stores.

STORROR was interested in “the UFO Houses” for its unique architectural structures.

CNEX launched Taiwan Pitch in 2022 and has invited international talent to come to Taiwan, including 40 selected international students, six popular international online influencers and six international award-winning directors and artists. From the “Influencers” group, STORROR was founded in 2010 with seven members, all from the south of the United Kingdom. The team runs a YouTube channel with over 7.5 million followers and they have produced two documentary films that portray parkour culture and a spirit of facing challenges with courage. STORROR, who hadn’t been to Taiwan before, said they always have a backlog of ideas and concepts for videos they want to try out and just need new and unseen places and spots to film them. They were very excited about visiting Taipei as, having already spent time filming in other Asian megacities, Taipei was another one on our list that remained unexplored. 

UK’s well-known parkour athlete came to Taiwan for the first time for parkour.

STORROR has however done a number of shoots in Asia before. For the 2016 documentary “Roof Culture Asia,” the team visited cities including Hong Kong, Seoul and Tokyo. This time, with the opportunity to come to Taiwan, the team was very interested in the UFO Houses. STORROR said unique architectural structures always inspire new parkour movements and ideas that give their performances a different visual appeal. As well as exploring the UFO Houses, STORROR also took their parkour to the streets of Taipei, and audiences will be able to see the resulting remarkable video early next year on the international streaming platform TaiwanPlus.

Asked what particular foods they enjoyed while in Taiwan, STORROR’s team members all said they loved Taiwan’s convenience stores and were amazed by the dozens of flavors of fruit and milk drinks they found there. They also revealed they visited convenience stores every day to try different flavors of snacks. Team member Drew Taylor also said he liked the welcome music that plays when the customer enters the store, something he found friendly and cute. STORROR also expressed appreciation for the friendliness of the people in Taiwan, from whom they received lots of help and welcome all the way through their parkour tour. They said Taiwan first and foremost has excellent places for parkour and they would recommend parkour lovers everywhere to pay a visit. But along with this, they said Taiwan’s food, friendliness and cheerful atmosphere should be experienced by everyone. STORROR said they have approached groups related to parkour in Taiwan and have started a new project, and so are looking forward to their next visit. Through the personal experiences of the hugely popular STORROR parkour team, audiences around the world will be able to see Taiwan’s unique Asian culture and society.

STORROR was discussing about the filming in front of the UFO houses.

Taiwan Pitch through calls for submissions and invitations brings together creative talent from different fields and professional backgrounds to come to Taiwan to create. The project is divided into “Students filmmaker,” “Influencer” and “Headliner.” The experiences and creative process of all these creators in Taiwan will be presented to international audiences in the form of short films of between 7-15 minutes to be broadcast on the TaiwanPlus platform.