Taiwan Pitch

About Us

In terms of the planet's history, Taiwan is a relatively young island, and it was only around 5 million years ago that the movements of tectonic plates pushed it up out of the ocean. This island is rich in natural scenery and ecological resources; for hundreds of years, its unique geographical location has seen it take in different cultures from Europe, North America and East Asia to give rise to a distinctive diverse and intermingled appearance. Between the mountains and the sea, this free and fertile land contains countless stories just waiting to be enjoyed.

In 2022, Taiwan Pitch was born through the movements of two big “plates”: Nurturing Talent and Supporting Creation. In addition to encouraging filmmakers from Taiwan to tell their own stories creatively, we also hope to go a step further – by means of invitation and an open call to bring together international creative talent from various fields and specialist backgrounds to come to Taiwan, to invite them to take this land as their source of inspiration and the field of creation, through practical experience enriching their artistic and creative energy. Each creator’s work or artistic practice will be presented through 7-15 minutes short films to an international audience.

We invite everyone to come to this young island, explore this diverse and inclusive land, and share varied and beautiful stories of Taiwan.